Should I write something here? Do you care?
I take pictures sometimes. Mostly with film loaded into various cameras. I put them here because I'm too lazy for a real blog.

Poll: What’s your favorite film brand?


We don’t want to admit it, but everyone has a film that they use more often than others… even if you can’t bear to choose a favorite, vote for the type of film you use the most.

Vote now!
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  2. the-perks-of-being-alone said: CN: Fuji Superia Slide: Fuji Velvia and Ektachrome B&W: Ilford XP2
  3. catspajamazzz said: Ilford is great!
  4. pizzaparty4ever said: I’m so happy Portra is currently in the lead. The new Portra, when it first came out a couple of years ago, totally rocks my world.
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